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Fire Up your Wellness Game

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” ~Mary Poppins

It is a crazy time we are living in! On the daily I vacillate between, being totally cool with life even though I don’t know what things will look like when we step out of this CoVid craziness, to being an emotional train wreck. Maybe I’m the only one that’s riding highs and lows like I’m on Mind Eraser at Elitches’… that’s ok, I’ll take this one for the team. Regardless, we’re processing this Covid thing in our own way. Using the tools we have, maybe learning some new ones.

One of the things that helps me keep my stress levels down is doing all I can to keep mine and my family’s immune system up. Now, before all the CoVid messiness me and the family relied on a healthy diet, yes, but also on tinctures and tonics to keep our mean cold & flu fighting machines up to the task.

‘Subtle cough’… these Tinctures and Tonics that we love and rely on are Expensive! And money is a wee bit tight right now…again maybe just me, totally cool to take one for the team. So in an effort to trim expenditures, I decided to try and make some of these immune boosters at home. Now I will admit, I like to do the DIY thing for sure! Made my own wedding flowers out of paper, check…’if it didn’t work out just burn ’em and buy real ones.’ Built a tiny house with the Husband, check check…’if it didn’t work out just burn it down and get a new husband.’ just kidding… But when it came to making home remedies, I’ll admit, I felt nervous. I had never tried it and had never wanted to try it. I had this irrational fear that whatever I made, I would end up doing it wrong, and would accidentally poison the ones I love. Hmm…Perhaps this is an opportunity to bring Food Tasters back into the mainstream….

Fire Cider is one of our favorite home medicines, that I would spend way to much money on in the trendy super cool hipster bottles located in the cold and flu isle of Winter Ridge (our local health food store). Well all I can say is, if I can make this thing and not kill anyone with it, you can too! I was totally blown away at how easy and inexpensive it was to make. I was a little worried that over the five weeks it took to make, it would some how rot in the cupboard (had this fear around Kombucha too), but it didn’t, win! So following are some (non-moldy;))pics I took of the process, as well as the recipe I used with some commentary. I hope you try it, you like it and you add your own twists on it. Cheers to DIY and the possible resurgence of Food Tasters as a profession! You can’t say what will happen walking out of this CoVid thing…

So first things first gather your ingredients. The key ingredients to Fire Cider are Garlic, Onion (which I forgot in the picture but not in the jar), lemon, orange, cayenne, horse radish and Ginger. But add the rest of the stuff I have pictured for an extra boost to your Cider if it feels right.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget apple cider vinegar. You want to use an apple cider vinegar that has the muddy sediment on the bottom. Those are the magic live cultures or the ‘Mother’ as it says on the bottle.

Next you want to shave the skin off of your roots i.e. ginger root, horseradish, turmeric (I LOVE turmeric. Infuse it in some coconut oil and add to rice or veggies, yum!) then chop them up so you can stack & stuff as much of these goodies in your mason jar as possible. Chop up the rest of your goodies, no need to peel the lemon & orange, and stack & stuff the hell out of that mason jar. Now, I do not have any fresh cayenne peppers (bummers) so I opted for powdered cayenne which is totally fine to use. I’ve also seen people use jalapeño or habanero peppers.

Pour your ACV on top of all that yummy goodness and pop a top on that bad boy (preferably plastic but metal can work). Mark the date on your calendar and put your jar in a cupboard that you go into daily…like the coffee cupboard. Make sure to agitate your jar full of goodies once a day for 4-6weeks. I usually shoot for 5 weeks.

At the end of the 4-6 weeks, strain all the goodies from the gold. Add Honey to taste and store in the fridge. I take a Tablespoon a day when I’m feeling good and a tablespoon every 1-2hrs when I’m feeling bad. But your body will let you know how much or how little it needs. Just make sure you shake the jar before you enjoy your medicine.

Congratulations, you have just DIY’ed the Hell out of some mean immune boosting Fire Cider! I hope you love it and if not maybe add more honey;)

Wishing you Wellness and Laughter,